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Why publish your property as early-access on Neho?

At Neho, we publish our properties as early-access on our website for 72 hours. During these 3 days, only qualified buyers who have set up an alert have access to your listing. This allows us to target the buyers we know best first, and to test your sales strategy on a small group of leads.

By Guillaume Cougard , September 27, 2023

You are wondering how the market will react? You think it would be good to test your listing and get some feedback before alerting the whole of Switzerland? With Neho's early-access publications, take the temperature of the market before publishing on the portals.

How does it work?

Your listing will first be pre-published to qualified buyers registered on our platform for 3 days. Once you validate your listing, its pre-publication is scheduled at 4pm, so that interested buyers are alerted just before the end of their working day, at a fixed time. 

For 3 days, only they can access your listing, see your virtual tour and request a viewing. This allows us to gather initial feedback and understand if any adjustments are required. Our teams can also evaluate the demand and inform you if it is higher or lower than expected. 

3 days later, at 4pm, your property will be published on the portals. The second phase of publication will then begin: a new flow of buyers should occur. 


What is the advantage of publishing my property as an Early Access?

Buyers who register with Neho have made the effort to qualify their project. They gave us all the keys to understand their situation, so that we can recommend them the best properties. Although they are of course at an advantage thanks to the Early-Access system, the big winner is the owner. Here is why:


Generate enquiries, even before your property is on the market

With Early-Access, we can go to market with viewings already scheduled and sometimes even offers. This puts you in a strong position towards the initial flow of buyers: from the very first calls, our teams can encourage interested parties to accelerate their process, view the property as soon as possible and position themselves at the price (or above!).


Evaluate your publication strategy

For 3 days, your listing is only shown to a small number of qualified buyers. They can quickly inform us about the market's opinion of your property and its price position. This allows us to test your listing and price and only publish it widely once it has been tested by real buyers.

Our automated feedback requests will allow you to get feedback from real buyers, and to detect any concerns that may jeopardise the sale. 


Sell discreetly

If there is sufficient demand and good preliminary offers, there is no need to publish your listing publicly! With over 80,000 registered buyers on Neho, you are guaranteed to expose your property to enough qualified buyers to sell.


With Neho Early-Access, sell faster and at better conditions.

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