What is a condominium?


Condominium ownership is a widespread form of co-ownership in Switzerland. In a condominium, several purchasers own different parts of the same building and each has an exclusive right to certain parts of the building.

How is a condominium established?


A constitutive act allows the creation and validity of the condominium. For this purpose, an authenticated deed is drawn up by a notary and each property constituting the condominium is registered in the land register. Thus, each co-owner has a separate sheet and a separate number.


How is a condominium organized?


In a condominium, there are two kinds of distinct parts:

  • The private parts, of which one and only one co-owner have an exclusive right of enjoyment and use. This generally corresponds to the dwelling, to which can be added an additional room in certain cases, but also to the entrance door, the internal non-load-bearing walls, the inside of the balcony, etc. This part or these parts constitute what is called "the unit of ownership by floors".
  • The common parts of which all parties are co-owners. These include the plot, the stairwell, the parking lot or the roof. They can then be used by all the co-owners who are all subject to the same rules.

Each condominium is divided into quotas, distributed among the co-owners, which are calculated in thousandths of the total value of the building. Each lot or property unit represents a certain number of thousandths. The quotas are used to distribute the common expenses and the number of votes at the general meetings.


How is a condominium managed?


Each condominium must have a general assembly that includes all the co-owners as well as an administrator. The latter can be one of the co-owners or an external professional. The administrator is responsible for managing the co-ownership's finances, various requests, any work that may be required and also for organizing the meetings. A regulation mentioning the common and private parts as well as the rights of each one can also be written. However, it is not mandatory.

By Charline Demange, December 12, 2022

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