Our mission

Give all homeowners a fair and simple solution to sell their home

The real estate brokerage sector hasn’t seen much change in a very long time. While real estate prices have more than doubled in the past 20 years and personal networks have disappeared to make place to a global and common network of potential buyers - thank you internet - real estate brokers and agencies continue to take a high commission fee based on the price of the property. To sum it up, commissions have more than doubled while the added value of the service has severely decreased.

Unfair you say?

It is in this context that Neho comes to life, with a mission to bring a fair and transparent solution to homeowners willing to sell their property. The concept draws energy on crying inefficiencies:

  • an agency concludes on average one out of three mandates, meaning their staff is basically working for nothing two thirds of their time
  • agencies have high fixed costs - high street rents, flashy cars, paper printouts, manual processes and overpaid brokers

Unfortunately, all this directly impacts the client who ends up paying for the unclosed deals and unnecessary costs.

Neho wants to put an end to this old-school way of doing business, and give back both control and power to the seller.

The Neho agency in a few figures

Founded in 2017

More than 450 mandates since its creation

2018 Swiss Real Estate Awards Winner

26 team members, aged 24 to 63

16 regional offices

8 Languages and 12 nationalities

2 dogs, Topaze and Django

Your team

David Damiano

Local Expert

With a banking background, followed by a degree in business economics, David has focused on the development of several startups and, for the past ten years, has specialized in real estate. Passionate about human contact and skillful negotiator, his unparalleled energy will allow you to sell your property under the best conditions.

Eric Corradin

Co-fondateur & CEO

After graduating from HEC Lausanne in economics in 2005, Eric joins PwC but quickly gets weary of auditing what others have created. This is followed by working three years in an industrial start-up and eight years in private equity. Being a certified qualified broker USPI, he co-founded Neho and took the lead.

François Werlen

Local Expert

After 20 years in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, François returned to the German-speaking part of Switzerland five years ago. Specialized in the sale of condominiums, houses and investment properties in different cantons. As a broker with many years of experience, François will advice you and assist you in the sale of your property.

Claude Blanc

Local Expert

With a real estate background, Claude worked for more than 15 years in prospecting and financial valuation, following with real estate transactions. Evolving mainly in the canton of Neuchâtel, he develops a solid knowledge of the market. Always attentive, he will be able to guide you and give you valuable advice.

Gianluca Sergi

Local Expert

Gianluca began his career in the crafts industry and discovered his talent as a salesman, first for kitchens and bathrooms. These years of experience gave him a solid foundation in customer service, negotiation and sales. Thanks to several training courses, he deepened his real estate knowledge, which allows him to demonstrate a lot of persuasion and commitment.

Thomas Meier

Local Expert

After his studies in business administration, he found his challenge in sales. As a salesman with passion, he dared the leap into the real estate industry. Over the years, he acquired in-depth knowledge of materials, processes and legal aspects. With two decades of sales experience, his knowledge and good feeling for people make him an experienced and efficient power partner at your side.

Simon Trück

Business development intern

After working in a high-end international carpentry for several years and in urban planning at private and governmental institutions, Simon joined Neho in summer 2019 as a Business Development intern. Shortly before the start of his internship, he successfully completed his studies in International Management in Zurich and Dublin. He’s specialized in operational excellence and customer centricity, and speaks French, German, Swiss-German and English.

Katerina Vachicouras

Project Manager

After finishing her master's degree in strategic management at HEC Geneva, Katerina started working for the Delarive Group. She joined the company at its launch and carried out the market studies necessary to define our offer. She is now in charge of managing brokerage contracts and ensuring that our accounts are properly maintained.

Florent Bourachot

Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer

Florent holds a master's degree from EPFL in Mechanical Engineering and combines six years of experience in real estate development and financial investment. It is during the sale of a property with a traditional broker that the idea of a new generation agency takes shape. And so began the Neho adventure.

Steve Savioz

Co-founder & Technical Advisor

Steve is a "maker", he builds innovative companies. With now 20 years of experience in new digital models, he is the CEO of Akiden Ventures, a fund specialized in fast-growing startups, and provides us with strategic and marketing support.

Vincent Privet

Chief Operations Officer

A HEC lausanne & IIMB Bangalore graduate, Vincent has four years of experience with Deloitte, Credit Suisse and the Delarive Group. His taste for entrepreneurship and innovation led him to join the Neho agency from the very beginning. Proactive and an excellent communicator, he effectively manages our network of experts.

Alain Berloty

Local expert

Passionate about the real estate sector, Alain made his first step in the family real estate company. He has many years of experience as a broker and has a strong knowledge of the Geneva market. Always attentive, he will give you the best advice throughout the sale of your property.

Anne-Sophie Fischer

Sales & Operations Strategy Intern

As a graduate of the University of Bath, Anne-Sophie takes on an internship at Hilton’s Sales department in London. She joins the Neho team in 2019, in the aim to assist our network of agents whilst developing strategies in order to ensure a positive experience to our clients.

Radu Mogos

Chief Technology Officer

Radu holds a master's degree in computer engineering and has more than 20 years of experience in programming. He worked for various agencies in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and manages projects for banks, hospitals and shops. In 2018, he joins Neho and is now the one who creates your platform and allows you to follow your real estate sale in real time.

Heiko Packeiser

Head of German Switzerland

After graduating with a master's degree in management, he spent three years in business development. Heiko joined Neho in 2018 and became the agent of the Canton of Zurich. A charismatic agent, his excellent performance has earned him the title of "Head of German Switzerland".

Guillaume Cougard

Product Manager

During his studies at ESSEC, Guillaume worked for two years in a Junior Company and then joined M&A and Stratégie de Saint-Gobain. Attracted by the world of entrepreneurship and eager to redraw the lines, he joins Neho where he is building experience in real estate sales.

Mazlum Gencer

Local Expert

After completing his banking training, Mazlum worked for three years as a private client advisor. He then decided to pursue a degree in sales and marketing at the University of Applied Sciences in Basel. He joined Neho and became the agent for the Basel region. His previous experience in the consulting field makes him a reliable expert.

Nicolas Pivin

Local Expert

After studying real estate at HEC Lausanne, he continued his training with several real estate developers before joining the Delarive Group. He then decided to go back to the field and became the Riviera agent for Neho. Receptive and attentive to his clients, Nicolas knows that each real estate sale is a distinctive case.

Pierre Révay

Local Expert

After graduating from the Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne, Pierre quickly joined the world of startups in France and Latin America, where he discovered the real estate industry for which he quickly became passionate. Quality service, attentive listening and flexibility remain essential for Pierre's professional work and more particularly for his advice and the sale of the property.

Sébastien Segond

Project Manager

With a master's degree in economics and international business, Sébastien began his career in real estate development with the Vinci group in Kuala Lumpur. Before joining Neho, he became a seasoned negotiator at Euler Hermes. He is now in charge of marketing our "Neho Pro" offer dedicated to real estate developers.

Andreea Pintea

IT Developer

Andreea graduated in 2018 from Timisoara Polytechnic University. Specialized in "computer automation", she initially worked for Nokia as an OSS integration engineer. She joined Neho in 2019 as a web developer and contributes to the optimization of the customer platform.

Marius Maxa

IT Developer

With a master's degree in programming, Marius is a passionate web developer with five years of experience in web application development. Curious and in search for greater responsibility, he was seduced by the Neho adventure and joined us to contribute to the real estate brokerage revolution.

Iaguen David

Content Manager

After completing a marketing-oriented cursus and a master's degree in strategy and economic intelligence, Iaguen completed an eight-month mission for the Airbus group. Curious to join an innovative and growing company, he joined Neho with the goal of creating different types of content media to inform customers.

Léa Julliard

Graphic design intern

With a Bachelor's degree in graphic design from Lyon, Léa has carried out several assignments for various companies. She joined Neho in April 2019 to participate in the development of the visual identity and create all the design elements necessary for the company's communication.

Viviane Nuq

Operations Intern

After her studies at HEC Lausanne and in Japan, Viviane participated in the development of a newly developed start-up in Geneva. Attracted by entrepreneurship, Viviane joins Neho in 2019 with the mission of providing operational support to the team in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. She will answer to your demands in French and in English

Cristian Alexandru

IT Developer

After obtaining his bachelor's degree in programming, Cristian continues with four years of experience in web development. He designs applications for various e-commerce companies. Wishing to devote himself to a unique project, he became involved with Neho where he contributed to the optimization of our platform.

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