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Case study: The sale of a 900 m² property in Eiken

By Barbara Bordogna
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Discover the sale of a property in Eiken, in the canton of Aargau, where the original house has been replaced by the construction of a building by a developer, thus offering a significant valuation of the land while saving thousands of Francs to the owner.


Gregory F. was the owner of a 900 m² plot of land in Eiken, which he wanted to sell for personal reasons. 

Originally, there was a house from the 1950s on the property, but the primary value was in the land (lake view, prime location). The land was sold to a property developer who plans to build a small property on it.

eiken immeuble



The house with two residential units was in urgent need of renovation: the roof was in poor condition, and the outdated oil heating as well as the interior layout no longer met current standards. However, a renovation would have been both complicated and expensive, and the end result would have been unsatisfactory. For Gregory F., it was essential to seek professional advice to gain access to a professional buyer network with property developers and construction companies. 



In his search for a real estate agent with extensive expertise and a wide buyer network in the region, Gregory F. quickly chose Neho:

  •     Largest buyer network in Switzerland
  •     Fixed price of CHF 12,000
  •     A dedicated department for land sales and development (Neho Pro)
  •     Optimum visibility on over 30 Swiss real estate portals
  •     A comprehensive service from A to Z
    • Extensive guidance (price, development potential)
    • Targeted contact with buyers
    • Personal support and consideration of the owner's goals  Efficient and fast sale



Neho used its extensive buyer network to find a reliable, competent, and financially stable property developer. Several offers were presented to the owner. Neho conducted negotiations with property developers on behalf of Gregory F. to secure satisfactory conditions. 

After a buyer had been found  – a construction company from Lausanne –, Neho accompanied Gregory F. throughout the entire notary process, ensuring that the agreed-upon sales conditions were correctly incorporated into the purchase contract.


The steps included:

  •     Analysis of the land in relation to the value of the existing property
  •     Off-market sale (anonymous, not publicly advertised)
  •     Invitation to tender
  •     Negotiations
  •     Signing of the contract before the notary



Was the seller satisfied with the duration of the sale?

Yes, the client expected the sale to be completed in a minimum of 6 months, but with Neho, it took only 5 months.

Was the seller satisfied with the selling price?

Yes. The initial estimated value of the buildable land was 2.0 million CHF, but it was ultimately sold for 2.5 million CHF, meaning the seller was able to sell the property for 20% above the estimated value. 

Barbara Bordogna
Barbara Bordogna
Real Estate Development Specialist

Holding a federal certificate as a real estate appraisal expert, Barbara Bordogna has solid experience as a property developer and will be able to put her know-how at your service.

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