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How to prepare your property for a real estate photography shooting

By Guillaume Cougard
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The complete guide to perfectly preparing your property before taking professional photos.

Key takeaways

When conducting a real estate photo shooting, no room of your house/apartment must be neglected - and the same goes for your outside space. Another important element is the depersonalization of your home. Future buyers must be able to project themselves easily in the property they are visiting.

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Do you want to sell your property and would like to benefit from real estate photography? Do you want to know how to optimize each of the rooms that make up your property? Know that the photographer highlights your property but does not transform it. He needs a good base in order to get the best of your property. You will find in this article all the recommendations in order to prepare your photo session at best.

Do a thorough cleaning

No one wants to visit a hotel that looks unkempt, damp and dusty, the same goes for visiting a house/apartment. This first piece of advice may seem obvious, but it is often found that this basic principle is not applied.

The cleaner your home is, the more attractive it will appear to a potential buyer. A messy property gives the impression that you are a careless or untidy person. This image plays a very important role in building confidence. Visitors need to feel comfortable, reassured and able to project themselves into their future property.

The golden rule before carrying out the photo session is thus to carry out a complete cleaning of your house/apartment.

At Neho, we use powerful cameras that capture a great number of details. Clean rooms look much more attractive and allow us to obtain very good pictures.

Moreover, this great cleaning includes tidying and decluttering in order not to pollute the eye of future buyers. Opt for a simple and uncluttered furnishing, even if it means separating yourself from certain pieces of furniture for the duration of the visits. You should also put away all your clothes, "too personal" decorations, and all the objects that are lying around every day. Of course, this advice is also valid for the exterior.

Depersonalize the property

In order to allow future visitors to project themselves as soon as they see the photos, you must depersonalize your property.

To make your home as neutral as possible, you must remove :

  • Photos of you and your family;
  • Objects that are too personal such as a collection;
  • Decorative objects brought back from your travels.

The goal is to create a space that speaks to the greatest number of people. A home whose rooms are not airy can prevent visitors from imagining the layout they would like to put in place.

The optimal conditions are, therefore: a beautiful, modern and uncluttered space where visitors can project themselves and imagine the full potential of the room.

Decoration and rearrangement

Do you know home staging? This practice consists in rearranging a house with a few things to make it more attractive (see article home staging) and to make it appeal to the greatest number of people.

This technique must be put in place just before the photo shooting stage. The objective is to create a warm atmosphere in the place that the photographer will capture.

Here are some points to follow:

  • Think about harmonizing your property so that a visitor is able to easily project himself in any room;
  • Think about the elements you want to highlight;
  • Know the hours when the light is best.

Add life to your property

Be careful! Depersonalizing and decluttering do not mean that you have to leave your rooms empty. Remember that your wish is to give free rein to the imagination of the buyers. They should be able to imagine an atmosphere and their future life.

If you have a small room that has no real function, it is advisable to add some accessories such as:

  • Children's toys for a playroom;
  • A meridian for a reading corner;
  • A workbench with tools.

Of course, you will have to make these modifications while keeping an "orderly" look.

With all of these tips, your photoshoot will go smoothly.


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Guillaume Cougard
Guillaume Cougard
Head of Product

During his studies at ESSEC, Guillaume worked for two years in a Junior Company and then joined M&A and Stratégie de Saint-Gobain. Attracted by the world of entrepreneurship and eager to redraw the lines, he joins Neho where he is building experience in real estate sales.

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