Our step-by-step services

Neho's fixed fee includes all the services that will allow you to sell your property at the best price and as fast as can be. 

Home valuation 

To start our relationship, we offer you a free valuation of your property, without any commitment. At Neho, we understand that each property is unique and that it often represents the investment of a lifetime for the owner. That's why your local expert will come to visit you in person and get a feel for the neighborhood and direct environment of your property, its general state, the quality of its finishes and gather all the relevant documents necessary for the valuation. Once in the office, the local expert will work on the valuation leaning on bank-approved valuation tools and by proceeding to comparison analysis of equivalent properties listed in your area. The valuation will be ready and communicated to you within 24 hours of the on-site visit. 

Professional photos and virtual tour

You were convinced by our first visit and instructed us to sell your property? Perfect, we can now organize a second visit with your local expert, trained specifically to use profesionnal photo tools that integrate automatic image processing. You never get two shots to make a good first impression. The photos and the virtual tour of your property are the first elements any potential buyers will see. This is why we pay special attention to it and have invested in top quality visual hardware and sottware. Virtual tours allow the potential buyer to be fully immersed, given him a very good first look and thus avoiding unnecessary on-site viewings.

Creating sales materials

Once all the documents required for sale are gathered, we create an appealing sales record for your property, within 24 hours, subject to your approval. Our experts are also there to advise you on any repair or renovation that would have a significant impact on the total added value you would receive from the sale.  

Instant broadcast on all the major home portals

We offer maximum exposure to your property to attract the interest of many buyers. That's why we automatically broadcast your ad on major swiss home portals such as Homegate, Immoscout, Immostreet, Anibis & Comparis. But also on other websites likely to attract buyers. Today, 90% of buyers in Switzerland find their next home browsing real estate websites. 

Visits, feedbacks & contact management

Enjoy your free time! Like a traditional broker, we handle - at your request - the visits and interactions with pre-qualified buyers to separate curious people from potential buyers. In any case, we handle everything else like Q&A's, document requests, gathering of feedbacks and follow-up on all the potential buyers. 

Negotiating offers

Our experience shows us that 80% of interactions with our platform are done during non-office hours. That's because most people have a day job and take care of selling or buying a property in the evening time. Our online bidding and history management system is available 24 hours a day, allowing you to quickly and easily make the best decisions. Your local expert is at your side during negotiations in order for you to get the best price and advises you until the conclusion of the sale in front of the notary.

A fixed price, in two parts

We wanted our invoicing to be clear and transparent, with no suprises at the end of day. The amount of work only varies marginally form one property to the next. This is why we have created a flat fee that does not vary according to the value of your property. To ensure our motivation to sell your home, 60% of the package is only due once we actually sell your home. You can also delegate the visits management and stop it at any time, and pay only for the visits that have really been made by us. 



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