8810 Horgen, Zürich /
Stockerstrasse 47

Multi-family house in Horgen

Robert Mayr
Robert Mayr
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CHF 4'500'000

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Robert Mayr
Robert Mayr
  • Lake view
  • Nice exposure
  • A lot of potential
  • Bauzone WG 2.5
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Composition of the building

Apartments / Units Floor Rooms Surface Net rent
Residential 3rd 4.5 74 m2 weighted 1'100 CHF
Residential 3rd 4.5 74 m2 weighted 1'100 CHF
Residential 3rd 4.5 76 m2 weighted 1'100 CHF
Residential 2nd 4.5 88 m2 weighted 1'100 CHF
Residential 2nd 4.5 74 m2 weighted 1'100 CHF
Commercial Ground floor 120 m2 usable 1'800 CHF
Residential Ground floor 5.5 180 m2 weighted 1'800 CHF

* Theoretical rent, the property not being presently leased at market conditions.


Number of units


Year built




Parking spots

Key indicators

Fuel oil heating

Garden, terrace or other condo space

Shared laundry room

Civil Protection shelter

549 sqm

Residential surface

120 sqm

Commercial surface

Features common to all units

  • Outdoor parking space
  • Panoramic lake view
  • View of the Alps
  • Quiet, family-friendly neighborhood
  • In need of renovation
  • Construction potential

Financial elements

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Indicative annual household revenue


CHF ***’123

Theoretical equity required


of which 50% can come from your 2nd pillar

Purchasing price

CHF 4'500'000

CHF 6'750

Purchase expenses

0.15% - Zürich

CHF 2'250'000


| min. 20%

CHF 2'250'000

Equity | min. 25%


Theoretical monthly costs

0.56% 1.93%

Total theoretical monthly costs


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