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Our local agents all have several years of experience in
real estate, whether it is as a freelancer or as an employee of a so-called "traditional" agency. They joined Neho, convinced that a fixed price model was the future of a business that needed to evolve. These experienced, competent and honest professionals are the ones who guarantee the high quality service offered at Neho.

We eliminate many unnecessary costs: no more well-established offices, luxury cars and paper-based processes. Optimized use of new technologies also considerably increases our efficiency. This allows us to offer an extremely competitive package price, and to focus on the essential: the search for the future buyer of your property.

It is because we fight to get the best prices for the properties we sell, that our customers give us the best ratings. Neho is an agency that is growing rapidly through positive evaluations and the use of word of mouth that results from our clients' satisfaction. This is why we will do everything to sell your property at the best price. We hope that you will also... give us an excellent evaluation!

The package includes all the services described on our website, from the valuation of your property, the sale and to the signature before a notary. The only exception is that the visits of interested buyers are offered at an additional cost of CHF 200 per visit (over the last 12 months, sales were completed after an average of 6 visits). 

Our experts are experienced in the technique of conducting visits and they are good at presenting your home; however, your property is unique and we would understand if you want to make the presentation to the buyers yourself. This is what most of our clients decide and in this case, we support them with our visit training.

We publish your ad on more than twenty leading real estate portals to ensure optimal coverage, including Immoscout24, Homegate, Immostreet, Comparis, Anibis, Newhome, Immowelt, Lookmove, Alle-Immobilien, Anzeiger, Neubauprojekte, Casa.Raiffeisen, Allekleineanzeigen, immo.baz, mitula, iCasa, Nestoria , petitesannonces, urbanhome, lenouvelliste...

Twenty years ago, the buyer network still made sense and a real estate agency allowed a transaction through its high-street agency and its buyer base. Since 2017, 98% of Swiss real estate transactions have been initiated by Internet research. The buyer network no longer appears to be a major asset.

Nevertheless, like any agency, Neho has built its own network: people who express an interest in one of our properties can be solicited when yours is published, and we put a lot of resources into maintaining an accurate and up-to-date buyer base. We will not promote your ad to people who bought 5 years ago.

We also advertise within several networks, including those of the Investis group and the Delarive group.

Same as with any agency! You can start by making a free and instant appraisal of your property on our site by clicking here

If you wish, you can contact our agents directly by filling out the form available here. The agent in charge of your locality will contact you to schedule a free and non-binding appraisal appointment. Then, it's very simple; we take care of everything, from the valuation of your property to the conclusion of the sale before the notary. 

We have set up an offer in partnership which brings together the best specialists in project management to offer you an all-inclusive service. You are fully integrated and supported throughout the entire process of land development, from the feasibility study to the dissemination of the project on all major portals, including technical, financial and legal advice.



The choice to sell or develop your land must be made according to your expectations:

  • If you want a quick and simple solution, we recommend the sale of your property.
  • If you want to maximize your profits, participate in the development project and have the time to do so, we recommend valorisation.

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We have asked our brokers to share their expertise with you; visit our blog where you will find everything you are looking for!

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Do you have a broader question about real-estate?

We have asked our brokers to share their expertise with you; visit our blog where you will find everything you are looking for!

Have a look at our blog articles