What makes you different from a traditional real estate broker and why should I choose Neho?

We are driven by technology. No more high-street rents, flashy cars or paper-based sales documents ending up in the garbage. And thanks to digitalization, we are able to be more effective in our work. All those savings are passed on directly to you. Plus, our user-friendly online platform which manages the whole property selling process, guarantees you complete information transparency, total control over the process and 24/7 accessibility.

Which services are included in your offer?

All of the services presented on our website are included in our package, ranging from the valuation of your property and the promotion of your property to the signature before a notary, expect from conducting the visits for the potential buyers which are charged CHF 200.- (VAT included) per visit. Thanks to their strong experience, know-how and great communication skills, our local experts will be pleased to take care of your visits. You can find more information about the services which are included in our package on this page.

I already have my property on the market. Can I use Neho?

Absolutely. We are ready to examine and promote your property as of now, subject of course to the terms of your existing agency agreement, if you have one.

How will you market my home?

Your property ad will be published on all the real estate advertisement portals available on the market to ensure an optimal coverage:

Homegate, Immoscout24, Immostreet, Anibis, Comparis, Home.ch, 20minutes.ch.

Is my personal data published?

None of your personal data is published, apart from the address of your property which is being sold. However, if you decide to conduct the viewings by yourself, your name and phone number will be communicated to the buyers who are interested to visit your property.

What happens if I do not sell my property?

Should your property be on the market longer than 3 months and where you had set the selling price of your property within a 10% range of our initial valuation, we will proceed to a detailed review of your property in order to adapt the selling price if necessary. Statistics & Feedbacks from buyer visits will also help you to take the appropriate decision.

Why do you charge a CHF 3’000.- flat upfront fee?

This flat fee is one aspect of our business model and value proposition: “pay for what you get”. Our goal is to stay clear of black-box commission models where the link between remuneration and amount of work performed is inexistent, and to the detriment of the seller. At Neho, we treat all of our mandates the same way by offering specific services for a fixed and transparent fee.

Why do you charge a second commission upon the sale of my property?

We wanted to set up a fair invoicing system, with 40% upfront and 60% at conclusion of the sale. It’s also a way to show you we will stay strongly involved until you sell your property and that our interests are aligned.

How can I book a free evaluation?

You can book a free evaluation with one of our Local Experts by simply clicking here. It will take you only a few seconds.

Have more questions?

We update our FAQ based on your questions.

We're here for you anytime. Feel free to send us an e-email at hello@neho.ch or give us a call at 021 588 14 14.

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