Our step-by-step services

Home valuation

To start off, we offer you a free no-obligation valuation of your property. Your local expert will come to visit you in person and get a feel for the neighborhood and direct environment of your property, its general state, the quality of its finishes and gather all the relevant documents necessary for the valuation. Once in the office, the local expert will work on the valuation leaning on bank-approved valuation tools and by proceeding to comparison analysis of equivalent properties listed in your area. The valuation will be ready and communicated to you within 48 hours of the on-site visit.

  • Wüest Partner Dimensions
  • Wüest Partner Geoinfo
  • PriceHubble
  • Market analysis
  • Professional photos
  • Virtual tour
Professional photos and virtual tour

Once you've instructed us to sell, your local expert, trained specifically to use professional photo tools, will drop by for the photoshoot visit. You never get two shots to make a good first impression. The photos and the virtual tour of your property are the first elements any potential buyers will see. This is why we pay special attention to it and have invested in top quality visual hardware and software. Virtual tours allow potential buyers to be fully immersed by providing an in-depth first look at the property, thus avoiding unnecessary and time consuming on-site viewings.

Creating sales materials

Once all the documents required for the sale are gathered, we create strong marketing materials for your property – sales brochure‌s, refreshed floorplans, descriptions, photos and a virtual tour – which will be submitted to you within 48 hours. Our experts are also there to advise you on any repair or renovation that would have a significant impact on the total added value you would receive from the sale.

  • Sales brochure
  • Floorplans
  • Online advert Neho
  • Homegate, Immoscout, Anibis, etc..
  • Social media advertisement
  • Buyer-seller database matching
Visibility on all major platforms

We offer maximum exposure of your property to attract the interest of buyers. That's why we automatically broadcast your ad on major swiss home portals such as Homegate, Immoscout, Immostreet, Anibis & Comparis, but also on other websites which are likely to attract buyers.. Today, more than 90% of buyers in Switzerland find their next home browsing real estate websites.

Buyer management

Whathever choice you make regarding the handling of visits - you can do them on your own or delegate them to us - we will manage all interactions - Q&A's, document requests, gathering of feedbacks and follow-ups - with potential buyers. We will pay special attention to separate curious people rom potential buyers in order to avoid wasting your time unnecessarily.

  • Online scheduling system
  • Buyer pre-qualification
  • Visits
  • Feedbacks
  • Follow-ups
  • Negotiations
  • Fiscal, legal & financial advice
  • Support up until the signature
Offer negotiation

Our experience shows us that 80% of interactions with our platform are done during non-office hours. That's because most people have a day job and take care of selling or buying a property in the evening time. Our online offer management system is available 24 hours a day. This will allow you to be updated by the minute, have all the information at hand and to make well-informed decisions. Your local expert is at your side during negotiations in order for you to get the best price and advises you until the conclusion of the sale in front of the notary.

A fixed price, in two parts

We wanted our invoicing to be clear and transparent, with no suprises at the end of day. The amount of work only varies marginally form one property to the next. This is why we have created a flat fee that does not vary according to the value of your property. To ensure our motivation to sell your home, 60% of the package is only due once we actually sell your home.

  • Fixed fee
  • No surprises
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