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Our unique and fixed price includes all the services from A to Z for the sale of your property

Your dedicated local expert

  • In addition to their solid experience, our experts are continuously trained to optimize our service. The presence of the Neho agency in each of the regions we are active in coupled with the possibilities offered by our digital platform allows them to dedicate more time to each customer and offer a quality service.
  • We have chosen to save on the many costs that do not contribute to the sale of your property, such as excessively rented premises, luxury cars, paper printing, etc. Combined with the use of cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art-tools, we can offer our excellent service for only CHF 9'500.

Selling with Neho in a few steps:


Estimate your property

We estimate your property for free and without any obligations. The agent in your region goes to the site and carries out a complete evaluation based on software used by the largest Swiss banks and recent market analyses. The latter carry out a comparative analysis based on transactions within the region, the overall market trend and taking into account equivalent announcements. The result of the estimate is communicated to you within 48 hours of the visit.


Presentation of your property

You'll never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Our agent then studies your property, compares it to the market and proposes the best way to highlight and present it. Furthermore, he advises and accompanies you for the preparation of your accommodation before the shooting. Since the photographs and the virtual tour are the first impressions a potential buyer receives, we pay particular attention to them by employing only the most efficient tools. Professional photos and high definition virtual tours allow for total immersion and give buyers the opportunity to get a first accurate idea of the property and eliminate unnecessary visits.


Creating your ad

Once all the necessary documents for the sale are in place, we create a complete sales file for your property - sales brochure, updated plans, descriptions, photos and virtual tour - which will be submitted to you within 24 hours for your approval. Our experts are also at your disposal to advise you on possible repairs or renovations which would allow you to realize an additional capital gain on the sale.


Distribution on all major Swiss platforms

Since 2017, 98% of real estate transactions in Switzerland have been initiated by research on real estate portals. This is why Neho distributes your ad on more than 14 portals including Homegate, Immoscout, Immostreet, Anibis, Comparis but also on our partner networks such as the Investis group. Finally, we communicate within our buyer base and social networks with your consent.


Purchasing management

Whatever your choice for the conduct of the visits to the property - you can do them yourself or delegate them to us - we will take care of all the interactions - Q&As, transmission of documents, collection of feedback and reminders - with the potential buyers, taking great care to separate the curious from the truly interested parties.


Offer management

Your dedicated expert takes care of negotiating each offer so that you can get the best price. However, our experience shows that 80% of interactions with our platform take place outside office opening hours. That's why our online offer management system is available 24/7. It will allow you to follow developments to the minute so that you can take a fully informed decision by having all the facts.


Legal and fiscal support...

The sales context varies from one property to another, which is why our experts guide you according to your situation and the objectives set. Tax optimization, divorce, inheritance or relocation are common cases for which we will be able to advise you. Our in-house team of specialists can also answer questions relating to cantonal legislation, property rights, PPE or taxes on property gains, etc.


...until the signature

It goes without saying that your local expert will accompany you throughout the process and advise you until the sale is concluded before the notary.

Transparent online tracking.
24 hours a day.

The online platform will allow you to access all the documents related to the sale of your property, contact your agent and follow the progress of the sale process.

Statistical follow-up of your sale

Exchange interface with your agent

Feedbacks and management of buyers

Simplified document exchange

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Angelo Mellone
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  • Each of our experts has many years of experience and a thorough knowledge of their region of activity.
  • In direct contact with our internal specialists and supported by our digital platform, our agents can devote themselves fully to the sale of your property.

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