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The mandate

Twenty years ago, a real estate agency was one of the only points of contact between buyers and sellers. This made it possible to "close" or "unblock" a sale through its network of buyers. 

In 2017, more than 98% of real estate transactions in Switzerland were initiated by an Internet search. The broker's role is no longer to "unlock" a deal. The agency must therefore transform itself to offer you support and assistance in order to facilitate this crucial moment in your life as an owner. 

Finally, the average house price has doubled over the last twenty years, as have broker commissions. Thanks to digitization, we have reduced the time spent per file: less paper work, messaging tools, automation, etc. Our work is almost equivalent whether your property is worth 750'000 CHF or 1'500'000 CHF. This is why we decided to create Neho, the first commission-free real estate agency in Switzerland.

Absolutely, we are ready to analyze and publish your property right now. If you already have a real estate broker, you must still verify that the signed contractual conditions allow it. Do not hesitate to contact us, your Neho agent will help you to analyse your previous contract.

There are three main reasons why a property does not sell: 

  • Typology of the property;
  • Micro-situation ;
  • Price. 

In the event that the sale takes longer than expected, the data collected so far by your agent and the systematic post-visit feedback will allow us to decide with you which steps need to be taken: home staging, price adjustment, activation of unconventional channels, etc. 

This initial commission is an aspect of our business model and reflects our philosophy: "every job deserves a salary". Thus, these 3'000 CHF cover the costs of enhancement (photos, virtual visit, file creation), promotion and distribution costs for 10 months and the management of the file by your agent.

We offer each of our customers the best possible service, so we ask for a fixed and transparent rate.

We wanted to set up a balanced system with 30% at the time of signing and 70% after the sale. Without this CHF 6,500, our company would not be viable. This is therefore a strong signal: we will be fully involved until the transaction is concluded before a notary.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Anne-Sophie Fischer
Anne-Sophie Fischer

Sales & Operations Strategy Intern

  • (+41) 21 588 14 14
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