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How to properly scan and upload documents to your Neho account

You have the possibility to upload the documents directly on The only thing you need to take into account is that the picture quality is sufficient and it is scanned properly (view, size, readable etc). Therefore you ensure a smooth process when sending required documents to buyers or to the notary when the final sale takes place.

By Guillaume Cougard , February 22, 2021

It's that easy and will save the agent a lot of time, so he can focus on finding a buyer for your property.

How to upload a suitable document?

There are a few conditions for a document to be admissible - those that enable your future buyers to have an optimal experience, and the notary to do his job properly. 

Ideally, you should upload the documents :


Clear, without blurred or illegible areas 

Your documents sometimes contain information that is essential to the conclusion of a sale, and they should be easy to read for all those who will be involved in the sale of the property. Make sure that nothing is cut, blurred or illegible. 



Clean and properly trimmed

Imagine going to your bank to apply for a mortgage with documents taken with the camera of a smartphone and on which you can see the table or the hand of the photographer... 



Preferably in PDF format

Please bear in mind that sooner or later your documents will be in the hands of a banker or a notary, and that they will most likely be sent by email. The PDF format is an universal format for non-editable documents, it is easily transferable and can be opened by anyone with a computer. It is also ideal for printing. 


Even without a printer or scanner, you can easily scan your documents

Don't have a printer or scanner at home? If you have a smartphone, that shouldn't be a problem!

Numerous applications available in your App Store now allow you to scan any document directly with your phone's camera! 


Swiftscan vous aide à scanner vos documents avec votre téléphone.

For example, you can try the Swiftscan application, available for iOS and Android. This will allow you to : 

  • Scan a document with your phone, keeping only the surface of your sheet (and not your table in the background) 
  • Adding multiple pages to the same document 
  • Share your scan in PDF format



And to upload them in my Neho space, where do I have to go?

Login to your Neho account to upload your documents


Our entire team thanks you in advance for your cooperation!

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