Our mission : give every homeowner a fair and simple solution to sell his home

The real estate brokerage sector hasn’t seen much change in a very long time. When real estate prices have more than doubled in the past 20 years and personal networks have disappeared to make place to a global and common network of potential buyers - thank you internet - real estate brokers and agencies continue to take a high commission fee based on the price of the property. To sum it up, commissions have more than doubled while the added value of the service has severely decreased. 

Unfair you say? 

Its in this context that Neho comes to life, with a mission to bring a fair and transparent solution to homeowners willing to sell their property. The concept draws energy on crying inefficiencies: 

Unfortunalety, all this is directly impacted on the client who ends up paying for the unclosed deals and unnecessary costs. 

The Neho team wants to put an end to this old-school way of doing business, and give back both control and power to the seller.

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